WHEN: 12 -1PM - 17 JULY 2018 

WHERE: The Huggett Women's Centre  (Creche facilities available.)

 Huggett Women's Centre, 321-329 Heathway, Dagenham RM9 5AF

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Mummy and Me Workshop


SLEEP -  Whats that you ask?  ha, I know how important this one is for not just us mums but the babies and children too.  You will discover the oils that help promote a good nights sleep for you and baby/children.  You will learn how to make your own knock out sleep butter that will get you catching zzzz'z in no time. 

RESPIRATORY - All year round babies and children suffer with the sniffles congestion and coughing.  We will cover how essential oils are a great way naturally to remedy these issues.  I will show you in this workshop how to use these oils and will share a recipe for a balm that is an alternative to the vapour rubs on the market.

DISCOMFORT - Babies and children suffer with many discomforts which range from colic,  teething, ear discomfort, raised temps, growing pains, cramps, etc.  You will learn how you can address these naturally without having to use over the counter drugs.  

DIGESTION -  You will discover the oils to  use when you or your baby or child  has an upset tummy, bloating, or gas.

IMMUNE SYSTEM - Children are like magnets for germs, especially once they go to nursery! In this workshop, you will learn about OnGuard essential oil, it is as effective at killing germs and viruses as most household cleaning products - just without the toxicity! It is also being used in a number of hospitals in the USA.  In tests OnGuard has been proven that it kills 98% of airborne bacteria.

MOOD/ENERGY - Mums! I know I know, this mum life is tiring! Thats why this is such an important part of the workshop. Learn how to elevate energy levels and sustain them,  you will also learn how to relax and bring more calmness into your life, even after the the most stressful of days! 

**This class is open to those who do not already have a wholesale account with doTERRA

**Address provided upon registration

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More and more of us are becoming aware of the toxicity found in products we use everyday , from household cleaning products, over the counter medicines, cosmetics and personal care items.

This introductory class will help you clean up your life by introducing you to the top ten essential oils everyone should own and their uses.

You will discover how to integrate essential oils into your everyday life.

In this workshop you will discover

What essentials oils are, How essential oils can be used, The top 10  essential oils for every home should have.

You will discover how you can use these top 10 oils in all areas of your life from

  • Cleaning, 
  • Cooking,
  •  Skincare,
  • Personal care


You will also learn how to use them to promote

  • Emotional Wellness (anxiety, stress, feeling down)
  • Restful Sleep, 
  • Supporting the immune,
  • digestive and respiratory systems, 
  • Supporting cellular health


This workshop will be interactive and fun, and you will have the opportunity to open your own wholesale account with doTERRA.  You will leave the workshop with the knowledge of how to incorporate essential oils into your life and experience the wonderful benefits of using them.

**This class is open to those who do not already have a wholesale account with doTERRA

**Address provided upon registration