Why I do Yoga

When I first came across Yoga, I was about 16 and I saw images of Geri Halliwell in the newspaper doing these funny shapes with her body.  I went out and bought a DVD but never actually did it.



Fast forward to my mid 20’s and I decided to give Yoga classes a try.  I found a local class in Barking and Dagenham that I would go to on a Monday and Tuesday night.  The Teacher was super inspiring, she was in her 40’s and was in great shape and strong.


She told me she had been a school dinner lady and seen in the newspaper that Madonna did this thing called Yoga and she wanted to give it ago, she got the Yoga bug and became a teacher.





As much as I enjoyed my Yoga sessions, it was for the most part a physical practice for me.  I did it for fitness and for flexibility and strength. I then practiced Yoga on and off for 8 years, very inconsistently.




Fast forward to my early 30’s and being a mum of 2 babies, born only 14 months apart, I felt the calling to return to Yoga.





I found a great local teacher In Havering  and would leave class feeling, calm and completely de-stressed. I really struggle to put into words the feeling that I get from Yoga, it seems to create space in my mind and my body.  A sense of great calm, and a knowing that my mind has quietened for the hour.





So impressed with the benefits of Yoga, I decided to train and become a teacher, so that I can help others feel the benefits that I have experienced.




Other side affects of Yoga when practicing consistently , you become much calmer,  and a more collected person. You will notice you are less reactive to people and situation that would normally leave you  wanting to explode, scream, shout, fight back.




Yoga will give you  much more patience with your children (this is a big one for me).  When I haven’t been practicing much Yoga, I can tell, it shows up in how I am responding to my children and how they are mirroring me.




Being a mum is a double full time vocation, with no days off.  It can be exhausting and truly overwhelming having someone that needs you to keep them safe and meet all their needs, plus these days a lot of us are working and being full time mums, and keeping a home in order.




Yoga really does take that edge off and give you the “break” that you need for your day to day life.  Leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to embrace each day and all that comes with it.






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Turmeric - Why you should be consuming it.



Ok, so I'll be honest, I am not keen on the taste of turmeric, however that does not stop me from taking it.  I have been supplementing with Turmeric since around 2012.  I, by accident discovered that Turmeric is amazing at reducing my menstrual pain. I have experienced its powerful anti inflammatory benefits.


The Benefits of Using Turmeric


In India, turmeric has been used since ancient times to deliver that gorgeous yellow colour to curry as well as for its incredible healing powers. The mild aroma which is a bit similar to ginger lends a slightly pungent flavour that you can grate like ginger or shake in powdered form to add a little something extra to your favourite soups, stews and sauces.


By adding turmeric to your foods though, you’re adding more than another level of flavour to the foods you cook. You’re adding an amazing roster of healthful benefits. Never tried turmeric before? Time to start adding it into your daily diet so you can benefit from it too!


Amazing anti-inflammatory properties

Research has shown that turmeric’s main antioxidant called curcumin is instrumental in naturally reducing inflammation in the body. Inflammation is the root cause of most illnesses and diseases so by ingesting more turmeric, you’ll be preventing many problems before they begin. 

More antioxidant power

Free radicals cause damage to the cells in your body. You can stop that from happening my eating more antioxidants. Thanks to curcumin in turmeric, you’ll be getting mega antioxidant power. It’s even more amazing than other types of antioxidants because it helps your body create more antioxidant enzymes which help your body protect itself from damage better. 

Better brain function

Curcumin increases the levels of a growth hormone called Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF). With elevated levels, you’re less likely to suffer from depression or Alzheimer’s disease. If you have a family history of brain disorders, make sure you start using more turmeric to potentially prevent it from happening to you too. 

Less risk for heart disease

Again, the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric come into play to protect your heart. The lining of your blood vessels is responsible for blood pressure regulation as well as clotting. When it’s not functioning as it should, it can cause heart disease. In addition to the anti-inflammatory properties though, turmeric helps reverse it when it’s in the preliminary stages. Turmeric really takes care of your heart. 


Turmeric can do even more for you by helping you look and feel younger and boosting your mood.

It does so much good for you so start sprinkling it into everything to look and feel your best.

There is one bit of caution you should take though in regards to turmeric. If you are going in for any type of operation, you must stop taking it prior to as it can thin the blood. Post operation, you can continue consuming turmeric again as you were before.


So there you have it! Below you will find 3 different ways of consuming Turmeric.  2 recipies and Instructions on how to make your own turmeric capsules - which is much cheaper than buying them!


Turmeric Tea


OK so I'll be straight with you! This might not be the tastiest way of consuming this bad boy but its quick and easy!

1 Teaspoon of Turmeric powder 

1 Teaspoon of Fennel Seeds (really digging Fennel right now!)

Honey or Agave (Vegan option)





A juice I often make in the mornings, this should yield a small glass of juice, but feel free to double the recipe to yield a bigger glass.

1 Orange

3 Carrots

1 Apple

1 1/2 inch piece of fresh turmeric (or half Tsp of Turmeric Powder.



1. Rinse all your fresh ingredients

2. Peel the orange

3. Add the carrots to your juicer

4. Add the Turmeric to. your juicer (add at end if using powder)

5. Add the Apple to your juicer

6. Stir juice (add powder here)  and drink straight away.







Ok so I have bought Turmeric Caps for a long time, and they can work out expensive if you re consuming them on a daily bases especially if you are consuming high amounts for the anti inflammatory benefits.  I make my own Vitamin C capsules and it crossed my mind that I should do the same with Turmeric and save myself at least £50.00 per month!


1. Veggie gel capsules - You can buy them here, I use size 00 (you may wish to use smaller)

2. Organic Turmeric Powder

3. Organic crushed Black Pepper (The Piperine in Black Pepper helps the absorbtion of the Turmeric)



1 Pour your Turmeric powder into a large bowl

2. Add some of your crushed Black pepper to your Turmeric - you want to try a ratio of 3/4 Turmeric and 1/4 Black Pepper§

3. Mix the Turmeric and Black Pepper throughly 

4. Pull apart your veg caps

5. Scoop up the Turmeric mix with one half of your veg cap

6. Pop the other half of the veg cap on to create a capsule.

There you have it - Your own Turmeric capsules that are much cheaper than buying.


There you have it.  I hope this blog post has been helpful and I would love for you to share it with your friends and family.


Much love